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Zeagle has a long-standing reputation for making durable and well-performing buoyancy compensators.  For years, our expertise and focus had been back-inflate and technical BCDs.  However, we saw the need for Zeagle quality BCDs for every diver, which leads us to introduce the Zeagle Sport series of jacket-style buoyancy compensators.

Today, every diver can attain the elements of the Zeagle DNA for performance-oriented designs and durability, now in a jack style BCD. 

With five different options to choose from, Zeagle Sports offers a BCD for every jacket-loving diver.

The Element:

Because the Element is a durable, full-featured BCD in a unisex design, this front adjustable jacket BCD will soon be found in every scuba rental locker from Florida to the South Pacific.  It boast incredible comfort and fit for most body types.

The Focus:

Versatile and streamlined BC, the focus is equipped with a specialized air cell, AIRPLUS, for additional lift while maintaining aqua dynamics.  There are multiple attachment points to accommodate a multitude of accessories, so a diver can focus on what is around them instead of where to clip off their gear.

The Grace:

The Grave is a jacket-style BC shaped around the female form.  Just like the female divers wearing it, the Grace strong, versatile and beautiful.  Its comfortable and adjustable offers weight integration and plenty of attachment points to keep equipment organized and accessible.

The Resort:

  The Resort was created for the travel-minded diver looking for simplicity and durability in a weight integrated jacket-style BC.  The Resort is a unisex, front adjustable BC with reinforced and fade resistant Cordura.  It offers a diver just what they need, reliability when in remote locations.

The Base:

The Base is a highly durable BCD for a diver looking for a non-integrated weight system.  It is light weight and streamlined with plenty of attachment points and pockets.

Zeagle has built their reputation on building products that perform flawlessly and never quit.  Corners are never cut, and compromises are never made at Zeagle.  It is what makes Zeagle products so tough, reliable and respected by divers. The gear continues to perform in any condition, day after day, year after year. Zeagle Sport products encompass all these qualities.

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