Meet Grace - Zeagle BCD for Women

Meet Grace

Make it pink and declare it for women.  From razors to dive gear, this philosophy is not uncommon.  When it comes to BCDs, just changing the color doesn’t fly with Zeagle.  A well-fitting BCD can mean the difference between a dive where you focus on gear and one where you pay attention to the beauty around you.  Women need a female-specific BCD.  Not a new concept for Zeagle, but like most of our gear, we focused on premium back-inflate designs…until now. 

Meet the Grace…She is a price-conscious women’s BCD that fits like a dream and has the durability and reliability for which Zeagle is known.  She will treat you well without breaking your bank.


According to Grace, draw a stick figure and you’ve pretty much nailed the male frame.  Women are a different story.  Grace meets the needs of many different body types with her women’s specific front adjustments.  While a chest strap may not be a girl’s best friend, it does provide valuable stability and reduces shifting in the water.  To combat common chest strap complaints, Grace offers a dual position, adjustable sternum strap.


Grace refused to sacrifice comfort in the name of affordability, so she asked for a few upgrades.  We spoke with experienced female divers and a common complaint is the pain they feel on their hips from the weight of their gear while on the surface.  While we can’t do anything about gravity, Grace combats hip pain with added padding on the side panels.  Also, she has an extra comfortable, super soft backpad and plastic backplate to protect the back. 

Air Cell:

Offering plenty of lift without sacrificing a streamlined design can be a challenge.  Grace has a unique wraparound bladder design providing more lift without the bulk.  Not only does her unique air cell keep you streamlined, but it also provides extra stability by wrapping around the cylinder when inflated.


Grace is a girl on a budget, so to cut costs without sacrificing reliability, Zeagle set its patented RipCord Weight System aside and incorporated a new single action weight system.  Her ditchable weight pockets are easily loaded with 10lbs each, and 10lbs can be placed in the trim pockets allowing for a wide variety of diving. 


Grace can not only secure your dive accessories but keep them streamlined and off the reef.  Grace has six stainless steel D-rings along with one retractor D-ring and accessory webbing hook.  Also, Grace is one smart cookie with her hose pocket, which allows you to run your computer hose through to keep it dangle-free but always in view. 


It would be an insult if we didn’t mention Grace’s style.  Not only does she feel good, but she looks good too.  Grace is styled with subtle Glacier Blue accents.  Because Grace likes to accessorize, her look complements other gear such as the Nixie wetsuit from our friends at BARE Sports and the Limited Edition Glacier Blue BladeFins from Atomic.

Your New BFF:

Grace is ready when you are to become your new dive buddy.  She promises always to be ready to ditch work and go diving with you, never to say “no” when you feel the need for a dive adventure, and to always have your back.  All you have to do is find your local Zeagle Retailer and pick her up…she can’t drive herself, she is a BCD after all.

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