Our Innovations

Field tested and battle trusted, Zeagle is built on innovation.

When it comes to making gear, there is no finish line. Just because something works doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. From our early beginnings hacking the DNA of skydive and scuba designs to our current work outfitting armed forces and first responders, at Zeagle, we continue to innovate in search of perfection.


That innovative mindset has allowed us to continue to lead the dive industry in ground-breaking design and manufacturing processes. We keep our innovative axe sharp by prototyping and building right in the thick of the action at our workshop in Salt Lake City. If it doesn’t make our gear better, we let it fall by the wayside on the HQ floor.


Pull the cord

Unsatisfied with the designs of that era, in the 1970s skydiver Dennis Bulin combined the single-handed utility of his skydiving chute with the underwater capabilities of a BCD. Zeagle was born, our legendary and patented Ripcord System was created, and we’ve been setting new bars for safety and performance ever since.

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“Zeagle BCs have exactly what a military or professional diver is looking for.”

- Combat Diver, United States Special Operations Forces.

integrate your weights

Zeagle was the first to introduce weight integrated BCs to the dive market. Our weight-integrated BCs are designed to absorb the strain that the BC’s extra weight puts on your body. And because you don’t have to clear a weight belt, the system can be worn low, balancing weight and lift over your center of buoyancy. The result? Easily float in any position on the surface—and still be well-balanced underwater.


Our Personal Fit System (PFS) guarantees you get the best fit, every dive. Made of interchangeable components, the PFS allows your Zeagle dealer to custom-fit a buoyancy system to your body and your style of diving. Waist size, chest size and torso length are fitted independently, ensuring a truly custom fit.

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