Signal Tube


Signal your presence. 
A must-have for any dive pro, the Signal Tube is a surface signaling device with its fluorescent orange and neon yellow coloring. The tube is inflated at the surface with an oral inflation valve and measures 6” x 60” for maximum visibility in choppy waters. Zeagle Signal Tubes roll up and fasten with hook & loop straps in a tight roll that will fit in a BCD pocket until needed.
The Deluxe Signal Tube lets you fill the tube at depth by holding the open bottom of the tube over a regulator mouthpiece while the regulator is being purged. When the tube is sufficiently filled with air, the diver can release it to the surface (while tied to a line) a built-in Over Pressure Relief Valve allows the tube to ascend without rupturing. There is also an oral inflate valve for surface use. Measures 7″ wide x 60″ tall. Develops 22 lbs of lift in fresh water.
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