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Malibu Scuba Repair
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Calabasas, CA 91301
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AirTech SCUBA Services
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Regulator and BC Service

The first choice for servicing your Zeagle gear should be your local Zeagle Dealer.Unlike other Scuba Dealers, Zeagle Authorized Dealers have services available to them to train their technicians and staff in the latest service techniques.  They also have exclusive access to the latest parts, tools, manuals, and bulletins that alert them to important technical or safety issues regarding Zeagle products. If a technician at an Authorized Zeagle Dealer has any questions about servicing a Zeagle product, they have direct e-mail or telephone access to the Engineers and people who build the product everyday at the Zeagle factory in Zephyrhills, Florida.  Even if a dive store hires a technician that worked for a Zeagle Dealer at one time, if that dive store is not a current Authorized Zeagle Dealer, the technician will no longer have access to new parts, manuals, safety bulletins, or advice.  Your first choice for Zeagle Service, should always be a Zeagle Dealer.  If you like, ask to see the current Certificate that every technician who has attended an authorized Zeagle Service Training Seminar receives.

Whether your Zeagle gear is still under warranty or not, it is very important that you take it in for annual service.  Your Zeagle Dealer will have the latest technical bulletins to let them know if there are any recent issues involving your gear that needs to be addressed.  If any unique or persistent problems with your Zeagle Gear are found the Zeagle Dealer can send it in to the Zeagle Factory in Florida to be examined and corrected.  This service is not available to non-Zeagle Dealers.

Your dealer will likely apply a labor charge for servicing your Zeagle equipment.  The amount of this charge is between you and the dealer and should be understood before the work begins.  Zeagle will not be able to refund any of this charge.

The Zeagle Limited Lifetime Warranty covers Regulators and BCs only.  All other Zeagle equipment has a 1-year-from-date-of-purchase warranty.

As with all of your other consumer possessions, to protect your Zeagle warranty YOU MUST KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL RECEIPTS.  They are your proof that it was purchased at an authorized dealer and the date of purchase.  If you take your gear to be serviced at a Zeagle dealer other than the one where you purchased it, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO SHOW YOUR ORIGINAL RECEIPT TO GET WARRANTY SERVICE.

The Lifetime Warranty covers only DEFECTS IN MATERIALS OR WORKMANSHIP.  Not normal fading, or wear-and-tear.  Defective items will be repaired or replaced at Zeagle's discretion.

If you have any further questions or comments about servicing your Zeagle regulator or BC, contact us.