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Why Customize Your BCD?

October 11, 2016

For Years, Zeagle has offered custom fitting BCDs, but now we are taking it mainstream.  Find out how and why a customized BCD is right for you...READ MORE


F8 Regulator: 20 Improvements

March 13, 2016

Our regulators have and always will perform flawlessly – so why would we set out to make changes? We did so because of the advancements in technology and materials. If Zeagle can improve function and make your gear last longer, we will...READ MORE

How to size the new Halo BCD by Zeagle

Oct 13, 2015

Back-inflate BCD’s have more wiggle-room when fitting.  Since the air-cell sits behind the diver, most of these types of buoyancy compensators have extra webbing one can let-out or cinch it in as needed.  Of course, one needs to start with around the right size and go from there. READ MORE

The Ripcord System

Halo: the First Jacket Style BCD with the Ripcord Weight System

July 28, 2015

The Ripcord Weight Release System is the easiest and most reliable system in the world. It is the only weight release system that instantly releases weights from both sides with a single pull. This feature allows for quick and easy weight release by the diver or their buddy in one single action READ MORE

The F8

Breathing Evolved. The new F8 Regulator

July 20, 2015

With continued advancements in technology, we decided to do just that. Only we didn’t just change a few things and gave it a new name.  We ripped it apart and improved upon just about everything to create the F8, Zeagle’s new Flagship regulator. READ MORE

The Halo

Introducing the Halo BCD

May 25, 2015

Which is better, jacket-style or back-inflate BCD?  This question can stir up an array of emotions and opinions among dive forums, groups, and on social media.  However, we believe that the correct answer is “the one that works best for you”. READ MORE